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GMO’s or (Genetically Modified Organisms) are often hot topics in the media around us. There are often two distinct sides in which people fall into (pro or anti-GMO). But to decipher whether something is worth being for or against, one must understand what a GMO truly is. A GMO is some organism (typically plants) that have genes from another organism that will produce some characteristic and are put in the genome of that particular organism. I like to think of it as a copy and paste mechanism where you take information from one source and paste it into another source to get a certain outcome. Pro-GMO groups like GMOs because they could help end hunger because of increasing crop yields and like within the golden rice, increase nutrition such as beta-carotene content which is turned into vitamin A by our bodies. However, Anti-GMO groups dislike GMOs because they fear…show more content…
However, after reading the article, some new revelations came through about the GMO debate. For some reason, negativity sells and the media loves to portray negative news because it tends to grasp more people’s attention. So, since my ninth grade biology class, I had always heard the negatives glorified about potential health problems with these products. My teacher was indifferent and ultimately let us have…show more content…
This article brought forward some interesting things that I had not heard before. With the push for increased labeling of GMO products, the label itself does not tell what the food was exposed to and just because it might be non-GMO, it might have some potential health consequences. For example, the Bt gene, that originated in a bacterium, caused bugs to die. So with the aid of

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