Vaccines Argumentative Essay

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Vaccines are also known as immunizations to help keep children healthy. There are pros and cons with vaccines, and establish some hazards. There are different types of vaccines; Pertussis, MMR, Chicken pox, and Meningitis. One main question I was looking at is? Does the risk of the disease outweigh the risk of the vaccine? Vaccines play a large role in lowering the risk of exposure to diseases. Reactions are very mild. Adults believe that vaccines work the same way that natural immunity works. Vaccines help save lives and help protect children against the spread of disease. Most children who get vaccinated are 90% to 99% effective. Most children receive about 29 vaccines by the age of 6. Vaccines are drugs and no drug available on earth is considered…show more content…
Also, vaccines provide economic benefits for society. There was an article on the pros and cons of vaccines. It says “ the CDC estimates that children vaccinated between 1994 and 2014 have yielded net savings of $1.38 trillion in “societal costs”. So if children get vaccinated or not, parents should highly recommend to get their child to get his/her vaccines done and over with. Of course there are going to be some cons for everything, which everyone doesn't get the after effects of the vaccines. All 50 states require children to get your child vaccinated. Even in school they consider kids to get their vaccines done in order to attend school because they don't want the kids sick all year around. Parents want their children healthy and be able to do stuff with them. There was an article on two kids about and how they were sick all the time. They only got 2 vaccines done as a baby. Since, then every time the school would see them, they would always have a cough and a runny nose or throwing up. So this paper is to tell anyone that you need to get your children vaccinated and to make sure they are healthy and not always

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