What Are The Pros And Cons Of Globalization In Asia

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This research paper debates whether globalization had a positive or a negative effect in Asia during the centuries between 1750-1900 including the past and today the present. Not only globalization, but other terms such as industrialization and global capitalism, imperialism and nation state formation, nationalism and revolution reform and finally global migration. In result finding the consequences it brings to not only Asia but to other most relevant countries. Many humans are debating whether globalization brings a positive or a negative effect to nowadays societies. It is reflected in many ways and aspects reasons that could support each way of thinking. By comparing the different ways each country especially Asia, the purpose is to find out if it is debatable or if…show more content…
Second it is said to create new jobs, make companies more competitive, and lower prices for consumers furthermore the prices are not always lowered because countries manipulate their currency to get a price advantage. Third, countries or countries that are less advanced and many third world countries are provided with technology, for a chance to encourage people in which democracy and respect for human rights grow, plus a chance to develop economically. It has majorly made a difference affecting every country, but since we are focusing in Asia, let's mention history and how it affects Asia's culture, communication thanks to different sources such as letters and technology, in travel Asia receives thousands of immigrants and they migrate as well, economy since most countries rely on their good exportations to outer countries and in politics since they all stand together to fight against terrorism and
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