What Are The Pros And Cons Of Communism

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No two people on this earth are exactly the same. Everyone has different characteristics, passions, ideas, and goals. In a communist world, no one has the freedom to reveal their different characteristics, express their passions, share their ideas, and reach after their goals. Communism comes from twisted minds, who promote a flavorlessness life, who care not about people’s growth as people, but about the growth of a city controlled by fear. Communism controls all aspects of life – what we can and cannot do and say. The government evidently owns all business and treats everyone the same. “This can cause emotional unrest between workers who wish to be specially recognized for their work. It can serve to create uncomfortable conditions for workers…show more content…
Since everyone is set to the same standard, rich ones would get things taken from them, while the poor will end up having things brought upon them. Some people end up gaining power and possessions, on account of communism being the idea of everything being divided among everyone. “Communism had an effect on the economy as it made every citizen give up their valuables to be like everyone else and not be rich nor poor, but it leads to a society of poor people due to having higher classes such as the government officials and officers. Even though the communists tell people they are going to distribute to everyone, they actually take more from the people, therefore boost their own statuses,” (Peter H. Tran). Communist leaders thought the way to keep order was to take power away from the people and give to themselves. As if they have not already made enough rules and tried to control everything already, re-education camps were created – specifically in North Vietnam. They were made to teach citizens how to act in a communist society. The people were basically taught how to deal with not being in control, leaving everything up to the leaders, and controlling their own thoughts, ideas, and strong urges to do anything that could possibly deteriorate the power of their rulers. Communism affected everyone, not a single person in a communist society was left out of the system. One was either part of the group that got their treasures taken away from them, or the other where treasure was given to
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