What Are The Pros And Cons Of Airport Security

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Airport security

Airport security has had many different opinions by the people about the way they

operate some are good and some are bad. There is no way to say which one is right and which

one is wrong but by looking at the pros and cons you can make an opinion on whichever you

believe. A few pros that come with airport security are that it offers passengers protection, it

offers jobs, it is unavoidable, and helps stop terrorism.some cons to airport security are that it

does not offer full protection, airport security is very excessive, airport is inconvenient to most

fliers, it is unavoidable, And it is becoming more and more stricter as the years go on.

The main purpose of airport security is to stop terrorism. Everyone can agree that this is
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is one of the biggest industries and it keeps on growing. On the other side it is not entirely

proficient they only random search a few out of every few hundred people.

When the terrorist attacked on 9/11 it had awoke many people that airport security was

not enough. According to the department of homeland security, 730 million people travel on

passenger jets every year, while more than 700 million pieces of their baggage are screened­ for

explosives and other dangerous items.

(http://science.howstuffworks.com/transport/flight/modern/airport-security.htm) another

important part of airport security is to check the identity of every person that is trying to fly.

They do this by checking any form of I.D. that as a photo on it.

As the airport grows and grows the rules and regulations will continue to change. Until

the first terrorist attack people were not aware of the dangers this is why the rules continually

change so that another attack can never happen.

Before you choose whichever one you believe in if it good or bad keep in mind that the side you

choose will always have a counter
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