What Are The Pros And Cons Of Popular Culture

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PROBLEM STATEMENT Nowadays, it is very common to hear the phrases such as EXO, Girls Generation, TVXQ, MBLAQ and Running man. The obsession of these popular cultures are inevitable among teenagers. This is due to many factors. This popular culture provides multiple drawbacks such as disappearance of traditions, obsessive behaviour, and being spendthrift over unnecessary items. Teenagers are willing to spend hundreds or perhaps thousands of Malaysia Ringgit for the merchandise and also the concert ticket. This culture also affect psychologically including changes in attitude and becoming more violent through fandom. OBJECTIVE QUESTIONS This research was conducted in order to identify whether this popular culture known as KPOP phenomenon brings more benefit or harm to teenagers. This research will reveal the pros and cons of this culture. On top of that, elaboration on how KPOP phenomenon influences the teenagers psychologically will be stated. The damage that the society faced with the current teenagers attitude problem. This research also can determined why is it teenagers are easily captivated by these KPOP phenomenon on what sources that this culture became viral. THEORY/LITERATURE VIEW Along with the passage of time, as is the reduction in the practice of culture and heritage in Malaysia. Malaysia is known as a developing country has a variety of unique culture and heritage as a people of different races and religions. Thus, the diversity of culture and heritage
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