What Are The Pros And Cons Of Hydraulic Fracturing

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Some people argue that natural gases are environmentally safer because they don 't emit as many harmful chemicals as similar oil products (Loris). However, these people don 't understand or have never been informed of the chemicals that are being forced into the ground water systems right below their very feet. New York is trying to implement new hydraulic fracturing regulations that would allow companies to drill an estimated 48,000 gas wells.Some people argue that New York will use these regulations to benefit both the environment and the economy. In reality, both will suffer if the hydraulic fracturing is used. A recent study by Duke University helped to show the negative affect that drinking water wells near hydrofracking sites have 17 times more methane than wells not located near fracking. Fracking operations have generated billions of gallons of radiation-laced toxic wastewater that people can 't manage properly” (The Serious Risks of Fracking Outweigh Its Benefits). This forces families to abandon their homes because of dangerous levels of arsenic, benzene and toluene in their blood. Hydraulic fracturing has caused earthquakes in Ohio and Oklahoma, ozone in Wyoming that out-smogs L.A., and a 200% increase in childhood asthma in parts of Texas (Polson). A top federal scientist admits that people just don 't know enough about all the different ways fracking can make humans sick.…show more content…
Given this list of dangers, it 's no surprise that environmentalists aren 't alone in warning against New York 's rush to begin hydraulic fracturing. In New York aloe, many communities have imposed moratoriums,or bans, on hydraulic fracturing . A recent study by Quinnipiac College, has shown that approximately 15% of New York residents believe that hydraulic fracturing is not harmful to the environment(Freeman). Many state officials in New York such as Governor Andrew

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