What Are The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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Gun Control: Pros and Cons

Guns are the cause of most of America’s violent crime. The topic of gun control has been a main argument for the 2016 presidential election. Republican nominee Donald Trump believes that there should be less if not any restrictions to the second amendment. Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton believes that there should be more restrictions to the second amendment. Some believe that stricter laws and more restrictions to the second amendment would resolve America’s problem: Others believe that the second amendment should be left alone. In December of 2015 statistics showed that a total of 12,942 deaths occurred due to guns. That total includes homicides, unintentional shooting, and murder/suicides. On average 36 people lost their lives due to guns. It is said that most gun related crimes are committed by criminals. As of 2002 about 15 states automatically restore convict firearm rights.
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Many believe that guns are for protection. Guns are used to help defend people against criminals, and other situations that may occur. States that have passed concealed carry laws have reduces their crime rate, rape, aggravated assaults, robbery, and etc. The argument that most people advocate is that guns are not the cause of the problem, the person wielding the weapon is. It is said that only criminals harm others using guns, and most gun tragedies are made by everyday citizens that go through background checks, pay fees to eventually get a gun license. A disturbing outcome resulted from an experiment conducted by the Government Accountability Office: They uncovered that in 5 states when using a fake ID, and fake name a gun was sold to that person. They were not even flagged by the
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