What Are The Pros And Cons Of Child Labour

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Topic Introduction
Millions of children worldwide are thrown into the traps of forced labour, with their childhood, education, health and most importantly their basic rights robbed off them. Most of these children work under extremely harsh conditions and take on life-threatening and dangerous jobs and are also underpaid and malnourished. However on the other spectrum, children are also forced into other extreme, morally unjustified jobs such as slavery , soldiering, prostitution, drug-trafficking. Many factors are said to be the driving force behind this issue which includes social norms, emergencies, migration and most prominently poverty. Even though there has been a decline in child labour over these years, progress has been made too slow
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However as modernized or advanced as we may seem, child labour and exploitation is still alarmingly rampant worldwide with almost 168 million children being forced labourers. With adolescence and innocence lost, children aged from 5 to 17 are victims of exploitation. Even though this practice is illegal in many countries, an estimate of 45 nations still do not recognise the seriousness of this issue and have no laws to protect children from forced labour. The urgency and severity of this issue can be understood by acknowledging the disastrous socio-economic consequences child labour can catalyse. There is need for intervention from all countries worldwide to work together to raise awareness on this issue and to keep closer tab on this illegal network of child labour as well as child…show more content…
To clearly define the work done by child labourers, as light work or hazardous work under major corporations, under the administration of UNICEF and ILO

Major Players
With approximately 35 million registered Child Labourers, India sees the need to reduce child labourers immediately. With an inconsistent legal board that does not set boundaries to important information such as age, India has faced a problem of exploitation and it needs to be stopped. With current efforts, only a mere 35,000 children were rescued from hazardous child labour which only makes up 0.1% of the entire child labour population. With this, the main root causes are the lack of social security and poverty that contributes to the rise of Child Labourers. India urges the council to work together to solve this

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