What Are The Pros And Cons Of Smartphones Essay

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1. Introduction to Smartphones
Smartphones are an important part of people’s lives nowadays. Indeed, most have relied on smartphones since its importance has appeared in many things. In a different way, lives would be difficult as those are not invented because “Smartphones are optimized for voice and text communication”

1.1. When was The First Smartphone Ever Made?
The history of smartphones commenced when the first cell phone was invented in 1973 by Martin Cooper who was a Motorola worker. The first cellular that could simply be referred to as smartphone was introduced in 1994 and was referred to as Simon Personal Communicator. In the same way, many other telecommunication organizations and companies instituted cell phones but could not be included in list of smartphones perhaps lack of properties and features, and one of instance is IBM, which
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The Scope of Smartphones
This essay discusses about pros and cons of smartphones and shows that there are more pros so everyone should have one.

2. The Cons of Smartphones
Some people appear to find that smartphones cons outweigh the pros.

2.1. Disturbance
It is truly that by the growth of technologies people have been constantly contactable on smartphones , which is not precisely conductive to rest or disconnecting from the world, the reality is that “Smartphones have become a part of our daily lives …”. As long as there is a consistent line on which human beings can annoy each other, so the devices are beeping and vibrating all the time; specifically when using social apps which are main reason for this. Researchers have described this as “…distracting and disturbing”.
2.2. Expense
Equally as important, smartphones are very exorbitant and cost lots of money, according to sellers, usually too much functionality also means too much cost and the reason behind this the brand value itself, marketing and TV commercial of phone brand. For instance, IPhone 7 which cost is 278 OMR is a great example for an expensive

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