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Social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter has definitely been taking over everyone 's lives. Social media are apps and sites that enable users to create an account and profile so they can share content and take part in social networking. Obviously, these sites and apps allow people to share parts of their everyday lives. However, there are many people who disagree and think that social media sites are unecessary and very unhelpful in teen´s lives. Debates have been created centered around if social media is good or bad for people all around. Social media is certainly helpful and great in everyone 's lives and here are the reasons proving this. First, in social media, there is obviously the easy communication that these apps and sites provide. Secondly, businesses use social media the spread the word about a sale or a new item placed into the store. Lastly, convenience is definitely a thing that comes with getting an account in social media. Therefore, social media actually helps people around the globe. Initially, when using social media, it is very simple to be able to communicate with friends or family when needed. Also, the…show more content…
Social media can always provide these two things. According to, about 67% of people mainly use social media for keeping in touch with relatives or freinds. Social media incredibly helps people keep in touch with friends and family they have not seen in a long time. Also, social media provides entertainment. Most types of entertainment is in the form of video games, social media includes games along with funny videos from popular people. Entertainment can be very helpful for when someone is waiting in line for something or in a long car trip. Entertainment and keeping in touch are very big reasons why social media has been great for teens and

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