What Are The Pros And Cons Of Globalization And Technology

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GLOBALIZATION, TECHNOLOGY AND LAW Globalization and Technology Globalization has completely transformed the way in which the world and its people interact. Earlier there were several roadblocks in the ability to communicate and interact with the people worldwide. But now, the world is becoming more and more globalized in all spheres: Business, financial, social, economical, etc. Over the years, a lot of technological advancements have come into picture including the changes in the field of Information Technology, having a significant impact on the global landscape. This evolution in Information Technology and the major innovations made in it is a major driving…show more content…
It has made life simpler but the hazards of cyber threats have arisen and have reached to an extreme level. Just like the two sides of a coin, Technology also has two sides to it - pros and cons: Pros - 1) Facilitates long-distance communication 2) Valuable Research Tool 3) Easy Access to Information 4) Useful for Gathering Important Data- eg. What is happening in another country, Foreseeing . Possibility of Natural Disasters…. Etc. Cons - 1) Lack of Social Bonds (warped sense of

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