What Are The Pros And Cons Of Universal Healthcare

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I believe that healthcare should be treated as a basic right. Many countries have Universal Healthcare and most of their citizens are much healthier and happier than citizens in the United States. There are pros and cons to every law or reform that is created, in my opinion, I think that the pros out way the cons for Universal Healthcare. Other countries care about their citizens, whereas the American government only cares about money and not the well-being of the population. There are many benefits to having Universal Healthcare, for instance, the stress of how you are going to afford a pregnancy, illness, disease, anything that may come about medical wise is not something to stress over with Universal Healthcare because tax dollars that all citizens pay for help aid in the cost. It is cheaper to afford things that may be unaffordable and stressful in America. Treatments can be more advanced in America, so you will sometimes see different countries come to America to get treatment, but most medicine is also more affordable because it does not have many different insurance companies and such that decide on the price. In other countries, the citizens are happier with healthcare reform, this is from a number…show more content…
I have gotten off birth control because I cannot afford to spend 30 dollars a month on it any longer with the way my job has cut hours, bills, and school loans that need to be paid. I am in a serious relationship and have been for about three years so not taking birth control is kind of a big deal, but it is too expensive for me right now. You have to decide what is most important in your life, a roof over your head or your health and it should not be that way. We should all be able to have the health care we need to survive in reach and at a more affordable
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