What Are The Pros And Cons Of Police Brutality

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Police brutality Why the police are killing blacks? Police Brutality. What’s the point of them of killing innocent black people some don't deserve to die over a speeding ticket or just even maybe the way our skin color look.I intend to prove is stop it, please!the pros of my argument is some police got sent to jail the cons is that the police killed them they are no longer to live on this earth. I chose this argument because the police killed my brother when I was 16 I can't sleep, I can't do stuff I normally used to do without him I just miss him so much he meant so much to me now I only have my daddy. Black lives matter. Why does police kill our people is about an unarmed teen being shot and killed just because an over ticket.the officer who killed Roberson 12 year department veteran.Matt Kenny, had used deadly force before, shooting and killing a man in 2007, the chief said.Kenny was exonerated of any wrongdoing and even received a…show more content…
The truth is that officer misconduct is a very real problem facing Americans. It is apparent that the vast majority of police abuses occur with the use of physical force. Most of these cases do not result in fatalities primarily because of this fact. A huge proportion of fatalities, however, are caused by the improper use of firearms by law enforcement. I feel like they should take away some police firearms like they should go thru a school are. The way many American police are exercising their powers on the street is now at crisis point. Many people argue that this is not a new problem and that the only difference between 10 years ago and now, is the fact that we can police the police with cameras. No matter how you dress it up things are getting out of control and this has sparked a backlash from local and global communities and given birth to movements such as black lives matter due to these issues affecting the black community a hugely disproportionate rate when compared to other

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