Pros And Cons Of Solar Power

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There are many researched alternate energy systems in the world, however each have pros and cons. For example a consequence of Hydro Electric Power is that the installation can cost between$1,000 and $5,000(National Hydropower Association, 2016). This converts between about R13990 and R69950. Many energy types like Waves/Tidal depend on being positioned in the correct place. This is similar to Solar Energy as placing a solar panel in a cloudy, rainy area will not help produce the necessary energy.
Solar Panels are a good option of alternate energy as the sun will never run out of energy in our life time. For this reason it seems to be sustainable, but how sustainable is it really when considering factors such as: social impacts, availability,
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• Environmentally Friendly – This means that Solar Panels do not cause any pollution, which therefore does not affect the world negatively.
• Reduces Electricity Costs – It reduces electricity costs because you can harvest your own electricity to use.
• Shared Solar – Because Solar Energy can be run “off the grid” energy produced can be shared.
• Low Maintenance – As solar panels are one piece it because a lot less risky that smaller pieces will fall apart or break which lowers cost.
• Remote Areas – Solar Panels can help to provide electricity to areas which may be far from another electrical source.

• Initial Cost – Solar Panels are quite expensive to buy.
• Access – Solar Panels can only work to their full potential if they have many hours of access to the sun per day. The longer the access, the greater energy
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However I am lucky because before getting given this project I have had conversations with some adults about running energy on and off the grid, so I had some knowledge about what that meant. When finding information online I had to look around quite a bit for the cost of maintenance, I later realised that this is because it is not difficult to maintain the quality of Solar Panels as they have been made to last. I enjoyed this project because I could see how mush Solar Power would in fact be sustainable and benefit the future of South Africa. Looking into this I also researched more on how the energy has been having problems, this was very interesting as I understood more about the world, not only South
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