What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Colonies In The 1600s

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In the 1600s, there were some pros and cons between the American and the British colonial. The colonist had an idea and they called it democracy. Democracy is an organization that the state government control. The colonies had several laws and they would rule themselves. King John of England, had said that they had to obey some laws of the citizens. Around 1620, there was a compact that would allow some contract to have some good protection law. This had brought several problems with the economic that would increase slavery in the south. This was caused, because the colonist had agreed on their indenture servants. The indenture servants were those that would contract with the south to work on the south colonies. That contract would last about 4-7 years on some difficult labor work. Some of their people would do labor work but they were not slaves. Some of this slaves and servants would do some hard labor work but not get paid for it.…show more content…
One of the biggest reasons for colonies wanted to mover north was to get away from King Edward. They wanted to have their own belief on religion. Also they wanted to follow their belief, without the government telling them that they couldn’t and the northern religion had more practice then the one they had before in British. Some of the colonies were not happy, because the British would try ways to have a better economic and that would affect the colonies. After time the British government decided to give the colonist some freedom. Another conflict there was with the Native Americans and the colonists. Was because more British colonists would move to North America and they would take some north land so they could stay. The Native Americans weren’t happy because the colonist would be taking their land. After taking north land, the British colonies were settle they want the land owners leave the
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