What Are The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Energy

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Nuclear energy has numerous world benefits that other forms of energy creation just don’t, and its pros are truly unprecedented by any other source of energy. Nuclear power plants are inexpensive to run, which means they can easily be maintained and sustained at a low cost. And while the reactors themselves may be expensive, with government grants the materials can be much more easily purchased and built. The most expensive part of the nuclear reactor process is the uranium, which again, isn’t hard to get as it’s used in few other applications and can be acquired through government programs. Additionally, the energy emitted from these power plants compared to their cost is immense and an extremely worthwhile investment for governments and private businesses.…show more content…
One of these fuels is known as the element thorium. Thorium has great potential to be a reactor fuel because it outputs far more energy at the same cost, as well as being a safer material to use in the event of a nuclear meltdown (“Pros and Cons”). Another pro of nuclear energy is its relative safety compared to other sources of energy. Fossil fuel energy comes with a high rate of accidents and death. Mining accidents, oil rig explosions, and illnesses such as lung cancer and other ailments are far more common to occur than issues with nuclear reactors. Nuclear power plants can also be easily controlled and regulated with the right tools, and many safety precautions are taken to prevent

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