What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Atomic Bomb

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During the 1940s the world was in conflict and the allied forces, consisting of the USA, Britain and France were struggling to win the war against the Fascist movement. This led to innovations of all kinds and when the Japan got involved the US couldn’t land and hold an island without meeting great resistance from Japanese troops willing to commit suicide for their country. During this time many physicists and nuclear engineers were on the verge of constructing the next level of nuclear technology. This led to President Roosevelt establishing the National Defense Research Committee in hopes of creating an Atomic weapon capable of mass destruction.

The Atomic Bomb was created through a series of tests conducted in New Mexico known as the Trinity tests or more commonly as the Manhattan Project. Countless people were amazed by the power of this massively …show more content…

Living with the constant threat of possible nuclear Holocaust was an everyday struggle. This led to increased production of Nuclear missiles, advancements in guidance technology, and missile defense systems being implemented nation wide. Eventually the years of constant struggle brought the Russian economy to it’s knees and after the deaths of both Stalin and Khrushchev the Soviet Union was dissolved and the Cold War ended

Today we live without any immediate threat of nuclear war. The Atom Bomb has lost it’s intense potential for real world application but has retained it’s popularity in the minds of citizens as the supreme weapon to send the world into a man-made post apocalyptic wasteland and although we idealize the power of the A-bomb in movies and stories the truth is nuclear weapons saved countless lives during WWII. So the Atom Bomb was created for a just cause, although it launched the world into a new age of

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