What Are The Pros And Cons Of The American Civil War

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The American Civil War took place between the years of 1861 and 1865 during this time Abraham Lincoln was president. The south was upset with the North and it was vice versa. South felt under represented now that Lincoln was president they felt they had no voice. But the main reason for succession was because they wanted to continue expanding slavery. When Lincoln was declared president the South seceded from the Union which would lead to the Civil War. War was waged, lines were drawn, and battles were fought some of the bloodiest battles in American history where during the Civil War. All in all the Union stood tall when the dust cleared. And the states that succeeded had no choice but to join back up with the rest of America. Each side has its advantages…show more content…
The war took so long for many reasons although the Union had more manpower and advanced military weaponry the South had cunning generals and men who believed in death before dishonor. Lincoln went through four generals before he found the general Ulysses S Grant who would give him unnecessary victories to win the Civil War. also the north was fighting an uphill battle the South's plan was only to preserve and it would be easy for them because they were fighting a defensive war. also one of the goals of the Union was to reunify the states with as little damage as possible. Then one of the major things probably the most important reasons as to why the war continues so long was Robert E Lee. The strategical ability of this man where genius. The way he could control the battlefield and strategize led to many southern victories.

All in all the North came out victorious in the Civil War. The North had more advantages than the South did although the south had expert generals and an undying will it was not enough to beat the industrialized north and its overhaul of
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