What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Civil Rights Movement

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All of the first ten amendments provided by the Bill of Rights resulted from a young United States' fear of the power of government. The rights to assemble and petition are two of the basic principles of the Bill of Rights, and allows citizens to challenge government authority without fear of retaliation or punishment. There is a difference, however, between peaceful and violent protesting. When comparing the civil rights protests of the late 20th century with the recent protests over suspected police brutality, the difference is clear. As the Bill of Rights blatantly states that it is peaceful protests that are allowed, the impacts of the two are different. Post World War II America was in turmoil, rapid advancements in technology and a massive boom in population caused markets to soar and cities to crowd. The rise of hipsters pushed the issue of civil rights to the forefront of politics, and as lawmakers shirked the issue racial tensions worsened within inner cities. While racial violence certainly existed, strong leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. led the way and guided those who would choose a peaceful approach. Members of various races all banded together to resist the…show more content…
Protests may have benefits and drawbacks, but do not all things? The use of these demonstrations is necessary for social progress, they offer the opinions of the people directly and - when covered correctly - paint a clear picture of what exactly is perceived by those who believe they have been wronged. Peaceful resistance has a positive impact on society by promoting the value of freedom of speech, demonstrating the power of a community, and opening the eyes of those that refuse to accept a positive change. A tolerant society which allows peaceful resistance will become a stronger, more unified nation in times of crisis and
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