What Are The Pros And Cons Of Fast Food

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Teens like to spend time with their friends and a good way to get together is grabbing a bite to eat. Teenagers often aren 't looking to spend a lot of time or money when they go out to eat. Fast food restaurants are desirable for them because teens can get inexpensive food, quickly and easily. The food sold at fast food restaurants are often high in sugar, fat, and salt. Teens crave these three nutrients along with everyone else because they provide a highly rewarding food experience. Since fast food is so yummy, teens are bound to run into their other peer enjoying the cheap, convenient, and tasty food. This also makes fast food restaurants an acceptable social environment to “hang out” while having a good meal.
To promote a new restaurant,
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Many fast food restaurants have healthy options such as milk or apples but they still offer soda and fries so people will almost always choose the unhealthy option. At Fresh Cravings we will only offer the “healthy” options. For drink there will be an option between milk, water, or a variety of 100% real fruit juices. All sides will be a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables such as tangerines, grapes, carrots, and celery. In order to ensure freshness the fruit/vegetable options will rotate based on season. To promotes whole grains we will only offer whole grain tortillas for the burritos, no white flour option.
The look of our food will also help set us aside from the competition. We will have all our food be presented in a unique way. We will brand all of our burritos and breads with our name by using a branding iron. We will also cut our fruits and vegetables in fun shapes to add to the eye appeal. Having different promotional colors of milk or cheese will add to special events and holidays such as green cheese for St.Paddy’s day or pink in October for breast cancer

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