What Are The Pros And Cons Of America Before Columbus

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Carico,Grace Mr. Miraya Honors US History 10 29 August 2016 “America Before Columbus” Questions and Answers Before reading the assigned article I had never previously heard of the ancient city of Cahokia. I was surprised and amazed by how large and sophisticated it was. The fact that the ceremonial mound was two acres larger than the Great Pyramid of Egypt is fascinating, as well as the fact that people who created the city were able to comprehend geometry and astronomy (Lord and Burke 1). It proves that most Native American cultures that thrived and succeeded due to the ability of the people to learn and comprehend advanced techniques, which is completely fascinating to me. Throughout the article it was very evident that Europeans had…show more content…
Many different species of not only animals but plants as well were protected and kept thriving by the Native Americans (Lord and Burke 4). Without that help the size of many plants and animal decreased, as well as how regularly some animals were hunted. This caused many plants and animals to go extinct or close to it. The new settlers that Columbus brought over also caused problems for the landscape. Without changing crops, soil loses its fertility. Many settlers didn’t understand that and just cleared more land for crops, changing the landscape even more. Overall the landscape has a completely different look to it than it did five hundred years ago. The Columbian Exchange was a trade system was developed by Columbus that brought goods from every continent to different places all over the world. Most places that were involved in the Columbian Exchange thrived and it increased the health and growth of the continent. A good example is Africa, corn was brought over and added a new staple to the people 's diet (Lord and Burke 5). As well as in Europe, potatoes were brought over and helped the population grow
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