What Are The Reasons For The Civil War Dbq

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The Civil War was a civil war in the United States. It was fought between the Union and Confederacy (the Slave states and the Free states). Territorial was a reason for the Civil War, also slavery. Slavery played the biggest part for the cause of the Civil War. Slavery was one of the biggest reasons for the Civil War. The effects of slavery in the south can be both socially and economically. Slaves were blacks who could be bought, sold, gave away to others, used as collaterals, and more. Slavery was the real reason for the downfall of the Union. It divided southern slave states and northern free slave states, which caused tension. Slavery caused a lot of tension for the North and South. The south depended on slave labor, and the north didn’t …show more content…

The states were getting crowded. There was an argument between white settlers moving into the north and south who would decide if Kansas and/or Nebraska would be a slave or free state, called the “Kansas-Nebraska Act”. The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 was passed. (Document J)Who is John Brown? John Brown is a white American abolitionist who was against slavery. On October 16, 1859 he gathered 18 men, black and white, into now called West Virginia. Brown wanted to seize the federal arsenal there, distribute the captured arms to slaves in the area, and start a general salve uprising. But no uprising happened. Local troops had killed eight of his people. And after that U.S marines killed two more of his men, and the captured Brown. On December 2, 1859 he was hanged for treason. The south looked at Brown as a murderer. Although Brown was against slavery and slavery is bad, he did still murder a lot of people who supported slavery in Kansas. The south is racist so of course they see Brown as a murderer for killing who liked slavery.(Document …show more content…

The economy in the north was going good. You could go to the north to get a lot of stuff that they are making like; matches, shoepegs, steamships, and more. The south depended on the north to build they’re railroads, canals, and other things they need built. The south economy wasn’t going so good because the slave situation was going down. The south didn’t build anything but they did grow things. They sent cotton to the north worth $30,000,000. They sent tobacco worth $7 or $8.000,000. They also sent rice, lumber and many other things. Cotton is what kept the south going because cotton is king. Industrialization is very good in the south for cotton and the north does not have any cotton so that’s bad. The north has more corn than the south and the north has more industrial and higher value of manufactured goods. The south lacks railroads mileage than the north. (Document

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