What Are The Results Of The 7 Years War Essay

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After years of being controlled by the French, the thirteen American colonies thought that the Seven Years War would be their salvation. While the British did defeat the French and gain the territories in the colonies, it was not the answer the colonists were looking for. The British gained complete control over the colonies. The colonies were tired of being restrained and saw a new destiny for themselves: freedom. The results of the Seven Years War were united colonies and a drive for independence. The Seven Years War was also known as the French and Indian War. The “Seven” Years War actually lasted from the year 1754 until 1763, lasting nine years, not seven. It was given the name Seven Years War because it was not officially considered a war until the year 1756, however it is agreed today that the war really lasted nine years. The war was fought between Great Britain and the French in North America. The war was a result of the French and British’s desire to expand their influence and territory in the…show more content…
Their government, politics, economy and relations between one another all changed. Along with the colonies, colonists and the Native Americans who lived in those areas that were affected by the war. Even though Britain gained so much, both the British and French suffered great financial loss. The war almost doubled Britain’s national debt. The French’s monarchy became very weak after the war because of the military defeat and their great national debt. The Seven Years War was a big contributor to the arrival of the French Revolution in 1789. Not only was it a big contributor to the French Revolution, it was also a very big contributor to the American Revolution. Following the nine years of war between the British and French, the English gave London more control over the thirteen colonies. This was a big part of the colonies resentment towards the British and soon led to the American
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