What Are The Rhetorical Devices In Lord Chesterfield's Letter To His Son

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Lord Chesterfield's Letter Analysis Lord Chesterfield in his letter to his son uses a variety of rhetorical devices such as repetition, similes, logos, pathos, and ethos to explain his feelings. Chesterfield in his letter gives a series of examples by which we, as the reader can understand his strong values. The description of the rhetorical devices gives us a better understanding of what Lord Chesterfield is trying to convey. Lord Chesterfield uses a variety of strategies such as repetition and similies. He keep on writing “I”. This emphasizes what Chesterfield is trying to tell his son. Chesterfield in his sentences after he writes “I” gives an explanation of his ideas. These ideas show what kind of person he is, which portrays his views.…show more content…
Logos, Pathos and Ethos mean logos, sympathy and credibility respectively. The logos presented to us in this letter is “act right… generous principles” (L. 32-33). This line in the letter explains the logic behind Lord Chesterfields idea of helping his son. He is doing it out of care, compassion, and generosity rather than to annoy him. The pathos here is “at least … it well” (L. 15-16). He is trying to get his son to sympathize with him. This should create a better impact on the reader and his value of just helping someone should be considered by his son. The ethos here is “I only… not the censor” (L. 21-22). Chesterfield explains why he is doing this and what his goal is. He is trying to explain them. He wants to be a guide not a pest and annoy his son all the time. These devices make the letter very memorable and create a larger impact on the reader. In this letter from Lord Chesterfield his son we can say that Lord Chesterfield wants his son to learn similar qualities like his such as helping them out. Rather then it being something to annoy them. He wants to help them, if they listen. He just wants to lend out a helping hand. The rhetorical device makes the letter even stronger and leaves a stronger impression on the
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