What Are The Similarities Between Adolf Hitler And The NAZI Party

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During the interwar period, totalitarian leaders and their regimes were remarkably successful and gaining and holding power. One of the most successful totalitarian leaders was Adolf Hitler and the NAZI party. Hitler brought Germany out of the slump that they had been put in by the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler introduced new laws and policies that allowed the NAZI party to gain and hold power. Hitler combined terror and propaganda, with his new policies to turn the unsuspecting Germany into a totalitarian state. Along with the Hitler youth to ensure that the next generation would be loyal to the NAZI ideology.

In 1928 Hitler and the NAZI party got 2.6% of the votes (Pearson, 2013). Then in 1932 the NAZI party received 37.7% of the votes (Pearson, 2013). This was due to the NAZI campaign and propaganda. A quote from
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There were many different ways that the NAZIS did this. One way that they did this by getting rid of the competition and making Germany into a one party system. This occurred in 1933, on the 14th of July. The other way that Germany kept power was by using force and terror. Hitler enforced this power by using the SS and SA. The SS where Hitler’s personal body guards and the SA where used in the NAZI rallies and to protect political meetings from attacks (The role of the SA, 2011). One method that Hitler managed to keep power was the 1933 enabling act. The enabling act gave Hitler complete political control. The enabling act allowed Hitler to pass laws without the consent of the Reichstag. This gave Hitler the power to become a one party system by banning all other parties. “Never forget that everything that Hitler did was legal” (Martin Luther king, 1963). This quote shows that Hitler did nothing illegal. He won the right to the enabling act in a vote and he legally made Germany a one party system. Hitler was so successful in holding power because of the enabling
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