What Are The Similarities Between Ancient Egypt And American Civilization

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Rome and Egypt A civilization’s influence on the world can stretch all around the world. Depending on the civilization, their influence can live past multiple generations and show its elements in current day society. However, sometimes the influence and growth of one civilization can have direct similarities between each other, without civilizations ever having contact with each other. This similar growth and legacy can be seen in the African civilization of Egypt, and European civilization of Rome. Egypt and Rome’s geographical reliance These civilizations, excluding the fact that all civilization started in Africa, have directly communicated and converged with each other with one civilization conquering the other. AFRICA (Egypt) The African civilization of Egypt was one of the many first ancient civilizations. With this came a subsequent influence on later civilizations. Egypt, like many of the first civilizations like Mesopotamia, geographically relied on rivers. In this case, Egypt relied on the Nile River. Because of the mostly desert land, not much…show more content…
Rome was considered to be organized as a republic. Here, however, many citizens were excluded from political participation. According to Charles Gates, male citizens took charge which excluded women, slaves, freedmen, and conquered peoples; this was a large part of the population excluded. Although participation is exclusive to one group, this way of government is very different from Egypt’s absolute way of rule. The social structure of Rome, however, was just as hard to elevate in. According to Michael Grant, Rome’s social structure was higher and steeper, comparing it to the British social pyramid in the 18th century. Through its exclusive participation and almost rigid social structure, Egypt and Rome can be considered similar socially and
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