What Are The Similarities Between Genghis Khan And Kublai Khan

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Throughout the 12th and 14th centuries, Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan were both Mongol leaders. Genghis Khan was a great Mongol leader from around 1205 to 1227. Kublai Khan ruled after Genghis Khan’s death from around 1260-1294. During their lives, Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan both were addressed by several different names. Genghis Khan was called Temüchin, Temujin, Chingiz, Chinggis and more. Kublai Khan was called Khubilai, Qubilai and more. As an emperor, Genghis Khan began to conquer greater and greater amounts of land, resulting in him ruling vast areas. During his reign, Genghis Khan was able to merge China and the Mongol dynasty. When Kublai Khan ruled, he focused more on social and economic issues rather than military conquest. One commanded…show more content…
Kublai Khan’s military experienced many mistakes with his invasions and military unlike Genghis Khan. When fighting Japan, Kublai Khan’s army was very unprepared and the invasions ended up being ineffective. This was because the Mongols had no experience fighting in lands that were in the southern regions of Asian, making fighting Japan was extremely difficult. Kublai Khan launched two large military operations both against Japan, one in 1274 and the other in 1281. Both of these invasions to Japan failed. Although Kublai Khan was not known his military achievement like Genghis Khan, his reign was the time of the most remarkable military achievement which was the unification of China. Although Kublai Khan dealt with more of the social and economic issues than military, he did try. He gave the power over the military to the Privy Council. Kublai Khan wanted to unify all of the military that was under the power of the Privy Council, but this was disagreed upon by the Mongol Commanders. Although Genghis Khan was more military successful, Kublai Khan’s military adequate. He was able to finish conquering China that was started by Genghis Khan. Kublai Khan’s style of leading his military was very different from Genghis Khan. Kublai Khan unlike Genghis Khan, paid more attention to his people and how to make his empire better with policies and laws not by just his military's ability…show more content…
Kublai Khan’s military campaigns continued to unsuccessful for a large portion of his reign. Kublai Khan continuously attempted to conquer Japan and most of his failed conquered were directed at Japan. In 1274, the Mongols invaded Japan but had failed extremely. Again in 1275, Kublai Khan sent another embassy asking the Emperors and Shogon's for a peaceful acceptance, the Japanese responded with an attack. Finally in 1280, Kublai Khan launched the next invasion. This invasion was much more planned out than the Mongols initial invasion but still failed horribly. While ruling his empire, Kublai Khan made many mistakes and these mistakes ended up impacting his reputation and the empire. "Had Khubilai concentrated on nothing else but governing his realm, his glory and that of his dynasty might have shone longer and more brightly than it did. But as the man aged he became distracted by a need to reaffirm his Mongol origins, and so he launched a number of ill-fated military campaigns which both tarnished his reputation and almost bankrupted the country." This quote explains how Kublai Khan’s management ability had impacted his empire. Although Kublai Khan had all of these failed missions, he was still able to conquer China. Since Kublai Khan did not concentrate on conquering land, his military was weak which gave his less power than Genghis
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