What Is The Difference Between Google And Facebook Comparison Essay

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Comparison of two companies: Facebook and Google.

In the introduction I would like to say that working for Google or Facebook would be a privilage because both of these companies share an incredible success in a vastly developing digital industry. They both share an amazing approach to organizational culture, client service, and they try to create a better future where they will facilitate people’s lives. As the Google is my first choice, so I will start with it.

• Google was launched in 1997 by two students from Stanford Universty--Larry Page and Sergey Brin. In 1999 they move the company to an office near Silicon Valley.
• In the September of 2000, the first New York office was launched with just one employee in Starbucks Cafe. Now it hires over four thousand employees.
• In December of the same year Google presented Google Toolbar—a plug-in facilitating the search without the need to open the main Google page.
• In 2001 Google acquires a company called Deja.com which conducted forum discussions and collecting disscusions since 1995, giving Google over five-hundred milion discusions, combining it with search functions and
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The career path of Ad Exchange Solutions Consultant

Responsibilities include supporting clients, implementing and upgrading products, conducting troubleshooting for clients, developing strategies, conduct analysis, conducting technical walk-throughs and implementing new product features as they relate to client product usage.

Minimum qualifications
• BA/BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience.
• Experience with SQL, HTML, JavaScript and/or Unix/Linux.
• Experience working in a client-facing capacity.
Preferred qualifications
• Familiarity with the ad serving industry, ad exchanges and networks. Knowledge of Google platforms (DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick for Advertisers, DoubleClick Search V3, DoubleClick For Publishers, and

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