What Are The Similarities Between Hitler And Stalin

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Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin Introduction Are Hitler and Stalin the same or different? Josef Stalin was responsible for the second biggest mass murdering in history with the killing of 40 million people. Closely followed by Adolf Hitler, he was responsible for 30 million lives lost and comes in third for the most murderous people in history. The topic that will be explored in the essay are the similarities and differences between Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin. From their similarities and differences, it will be proven that Hitler is significantly worse off than Stalin. The topics that will be explored will be the political motives of Hitler and Stalin, this includes who was a communist and who was the fascist. Leaderships styles will also be explored as they were both very different. Then finally…show more content…
The reason why Jews was treated so horrible was because Hitler believed that they were to blame for the Germany’s defeat in the first World War. The way Hitler treated the Jews was absolutely terrible, it started in 1933 with the increase of persecution in Germany. Also Banned from some professional these include dentistry, civil services and medicine. In the year 1935 the Nuremberg law was reviled that Jew was second class citizens which prevented them marrying a non-Jews. Then in 1928, during this year Crystal night occurred. This was when all Jewish synagogues, houses and shops were attacked. This occurred because of the murder of a Nazi by a Jews, this lead to 30,000 Jews arrested. After this event they were forced to wear a yellow star on the clothing. Then Jews were forced out of Germany into concentration and POW camps in Britain, France, USA, Australia and Japan. These camps were very harsh and many died. Altogether between 6,000,000 to 12,000,000 Jews were killed by the Nazis. More than 1,000,000 killed in concentration and POW

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