Oedipus And Wynne Analysis

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Oedipus and Wynne both endured terrible fates throughout their tales. “Oedipus Rex” by Sophocles is a tale about a king that fell from grace because he unknowingly killed his father (the former king), then became married and produced children with the former king’s wife (his mother). Wynne is the main protagonist in the play “Stone Cold Dead Serious” by Adam Rap. Oedipus was more tragic and Wynne hero. Oedipus’ flaw was that he was stubborn and his ego was hyper-inflated. Wynne’s flaw was that he cared more about others that he did himself. Whether Wynne went to the superchampionship or not Sharice still would have died. Wynne suffered more than he deserved because he was just a child that wanted a better life for his family. He was doomed from the very beginning as his home was toxic and the only person he had any reasonably normal relationship with. In comparison to the rest of his family, was Sharice; his beheaded lover. Like Wynne, Oedipus the king is noble and believes he will be the one to save them;…show more content…
In the end Wynne still accomplished his goals and saved his family; however, Oedipus lost his wife and mother, family, friends, country and throne, honor and sight. Oedipus was humiliated and exiled with no one, but the gods that ruined him to comfort him. Wynne lost Sharice, but unlike Oedipus he was not married to her, Sharice did not bear his children, nor did he cause her death. Oedipus caused his wife’s death by killing his father, his wife’s former husband, and slept with his wife, his own mother. He impregnated his wife; and she unknowingly, gave birth to his siblings. If Oedipus suffered only a broken heart he would still have his sight. However, Oedipus realized that not only was his mother his lover, she was one of the one that failed him the most in that by not killing him herself she forfeited his opportunity for

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