What Are The Stereotypes In The Breakfast Club

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"The Breakfast Club" is a coming of age film directed by John Hughes in 1985, where five very different adolescent students are assigned to Saturday detention, where they figure out that each of them fits a particular stereotype, they all have the same characteristics but through their own experiences they become who they are today. In this movie Claire Standish is the princess, Alison Reynolds is the freak, John Bender is the criminal, Brian Johnson is the nerd and Andrew Clarke is the jock. At first no one’s knows each other, nor do they want to, but slowly through experience they have together they slowly have to get to know one another. They quickly realise that they have a lot more in common then they first imagined. Not one of them of them communicates well with their parents, all are under pressure from their peers, and they all dread their future, they fear they might grow up to follow…show more content…
His parents physically and verbally abused him, an example of is the cigarette burn mark on Johns’ arm when Andrew doesn’t believe his reenactment of his parents. John hates his parents because the way that they treat him, which is typical of a teenager to hate their parents. John bender is a typical trouble maker, an example of this is when he unscrews this door forcing it shut and another example of this is when he brings everyone along to his locker to get his pot that they eventually smoke.

In conclusion “The Breakfast Club” clearly identifies the different teenage stereotypes and the teenage stereotype as a whole. The stereotypes come through are the jock, the criminal, the nerd, the princess and the freak these are clear because of the five main character that each portray a different personality and background. The breakfast club was a very relatable film as anyone could as if they fit one of the stereotypes throughout the
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