What Are The Stereotypes In The Movie American History X

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In the movie”American History X” viewers are watch and reflect upon a society where black and white people do not coexist. The movie follows the life of a family encountering life changing situations, allowing us to see both positive and negative perspectives throughout the movie. Beginning with a shocking opening scene with one of the main characters, Danny Vinyard spots two African-Americans hi-jacking his brother’s car. As he runs to tell his older brother, Derek, the neon-Nazi gets a gun and shoots the men attempting the theft. The police arrive and and Derek is arrested and sentenced to three years in prison where he acquires a different outlook on life. He sees the contrast of the powerful whites in prison with his seemingly inferior black acquaintance, Guy Torry. While Derek is in prison, the younger brother Danny inherits his rebellious attitude, destining himself to follow in his older brother’s footsteps. As…show more content…
2. While in jail, Derek met an African-American named Guy Torry who he befriended. As they got along and bonded through conversation, Derek began paying more attention and keeping an open mind toward the African-Americans in prison, and even disrespected the seemingly powerful white men in jail. He began standing up for the blacks and denouncing the whites who abused their superiority and opportunities due to their race. 3. When Derek was released from jail, he had an enlightened and reformed ideology. He tried convincing his brother to follow in his footsteps of becoming a new instead of making the same mistakes he did. In an attempt to ensure his brother would be the man Derek couldn’t be, he made numerous efforts to convince him of the equality amongst races and why they would be seen as equal and on the same level as their race, as opposed to the common inferior perception they were initially

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