What Are The Stereotypes In The Outsiders

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Rough Draft People will judge others based on looks, stereotypes, and the opinions that other have of those around them. People will try to change their image to fit into a social group that they do not belong in. Stereotypes are everywhere and sometimes people tend to change their opinion of someone based on what people say or the actions that people do. Everyone will have a different opinion of others for what people say, or then people can change so they won 't hit those stereotypes. Throughout the novel, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, Ponyboy 's perspective of Johnny, Dally, and Darry changes. At first, Pony thinks Johnny is weak and delicate, but he later realizes he is strong and someone that is brave. Ponyboy sees Johnny as…show more content…
Dally is seen as a heartless cold, thug and throughout the novel Ponyboy sees that he truly has a heart. Dally is a trouble-maker and he has no space in his heart except for hate and regret. Ponyboy describes Dally as a thug by saying, “He was tougher than the rest of us tougher, colder, meaner. The shade of difference that separates a greaser from a hood wasn’t present in Dally”(S.E Hinton, pg 10) As ponyboys grow up as a greaser he can see the difference between a greaser and a hood. Throughout Dally’s action, he shows that he is heartless and that he will not care if someone gets hurt. When Dally picked fights or robbed he joined gangs this made him look like a thug. As ponyboy describes the gang he has no other explanation for Dally other than the fact that he is cold. When we see how Dally behaves we also get fooled by his actions. As Ponyboy gets the time to see all of his actions he notices that he truly has a heart. He changes his opinion of Dally from this tough thug to this man with a heart when he realized, “Why can I take it when Dally can’t? And I knew Johnny was the only thing Dally loved. And now Johnny was gone”(S.E Hinton, pg 152). Ponyboy realized that had heart and that he loved Johnny. When he found out that he loved Johnny he realized everything that Dally has done for him. Dally has many actions that made him looked like a thug, he also did many things that proved that he loved others. Ponyboy realized and noticed that he truly cared about others and loved others. The stereotypes that they give greasers are reflected on Dally. He created this image of himself as a tough and cold guy which makes everyone see him as this tough cold guy. People try to create an image of themselves for what others say about a person that they can later reflect it. These traits can sometimes block who people truly are and this can make a different image for themselves. Dally changed his image from this person that was tough and cold and then we saw how he
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