What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Ryanair

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Ryanair is a famous low-cost airline company which was established in 1985 by Tony Ryan family. It’s headquartered in Ireland and provides services across Europe. Ryanair was built on Southwest Airlines model, which is highly successful in US, and now Ryanair is one of the most successful and profitable low-cost airlines in the world.
In this work, I would like to analyse Ryanair’s external and internal strengths and imperfections.
My first examination will be on external analysis, which is also called environmental analysis. Using this method, we gain information from the environment and analyze it, so we better know the opportunities and threats of the market. We can evaluate the organization’s performance either by SWOT analysis or PEST analysis. SWOT analysis shows us which opportunities and threats we have from external environment, and which strength and weaknesses we have inside the organization.
One of the main strengths of Ryanair is that it has a positive reputation in terms of low fares, a good on-time record, few cancellations and few lost bags. Another major advantage is certainly its low airport charges. Ryanair reduces airport charges by avoiding overcrowded main airports and preferring secondary and regional destinations to them, which are usually further from the city centers. Ryanair also provides various secondary services such as accommodation, travel insurance and car rentals through its website. Providing these services and ticket sales

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