What Are The Three Branches Of Federalism

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The Fathers that created the Constitution so the people of the United States would never be ruled by a tyrant. The idea of Federalism separates the power of the government into states issues, and federal issues. The three branches of government keeps from one group/person in the government from getting too much power and having it go to their head. The three branches it makes it impossible to get more power, and also some states are more populated than other, which means that the bigger states will have more representatives and the others. When writing the Constitution the founding father really tried hard to guard against tyranny by using Federalism, three branches, their powers, and that all states have a say in congress. James Madison was a smart man, he knew that if you give all power to one person or a small group it would go to their heads. So he proposed a compound government, long story short it was incorporated in the Constitution. The compound government meant that their would be two parts of the government. One part would go towards the country as a whole, the other was more focused on the smaller issues such as each individual state. Because of this, no group could get to much power, which out the other part noticing and doing something about it. Just like the compound…show more content…
That does not count out the small states though, they are still entitled to their opinion, so they still get representatives to do so. Just not as many as higher populated states. Unfortunately the bigger states has more of a say in congress, but that does not always leave them out, they still get their word in when needed (Document D.” How did the government Guard against
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