What Are The Three Branches Of Government

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The Three Branches of Government Research Paper The Three Branches of Government were created in 1787 when the leaders of the States gathered to write the Constitution. They made a decision to separate into three separate branches in order to achieve a strong and fair government that would protect individual freedom and prevent the government from abusing its power. The leaders of the States believed that they could accomplish this separation with the Executive branch, legislative branch, and the Judicial branch. First, the executive branch contains the President, Vice President and the fifteen Cabinet level departments such as departments of Defense and Education. The President holds the highest authority in this branch. Our Constitution has three qualifications to become President. The President must be Thirty-Five years…show more content…
The Cabinet contains the heads of the fifteen major departments of government. These departments carry out the day to day administrative roles of the federal government. They give the President advice about important matters. Then he has the power to either agree and sign legislation into law or veto the bill. The executive branch dates back to the 18th century. There are 22 prime components each with their own power to supervise and control. The executive branch is filled with a wide variety of departments including; the Social Welfare, Homeland security, Finance, Defense, Education, and many others. Local agencies are controlled to ensure the people needs are provided and meet by public servants. The main function of the executive branch is to execute and ensure that the laws of the country are being enforced. The Vice president has one primary responsibility to assume the role of president in the moment the President becomes unable to carry out his duties. The office of the
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