What Are The Three Major Sins In Dante's Inferno

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In the Inferno, Dante describes the different levels of hell and the punishment which corresponds to the sin. Dante categorize hell into three major sins consisting of incontinence, violence, and fraudulent. Fraudulent is portrayed as the worse sin in the Inferno while incontinence is seen as a less serious sin. Each category has sinners which have all been punished for their wrong doings in life. The three major sins consist of circles where Dante separates the different sinners. Each circle explains the sin and the punishment the sinners endured in their afterlife. Some circles even included historic figures in Dante’s hell because of their actions in life. The Wife of Bath Prologue and Tale reveal characters who were not portrayed as good people. In the Prologue, the Wife of Bath explains the encounter she had with five of her husbands. Three of the husbands were pleasant while the other two were not. On the other hand, in the tale she tells a story about a Knight who takes the maidenhood of a young girl which almost causes him to lose his life and about women gaining sovereignty. The Wife of Bath fifth husband, King Arthur, the Knight, and the Wife of Bath will be placed in Dante’s hell in the Inferno. The…show more content…
The knight will be placed in Dante’s hell due to his actions with a young girl. He was lustful towards her taking advantage of a young girl. The knight did not love the young girl, but only wanted to be with her because of his sexual desires. Since the knight could not control his desires, he will reside in the second circle with sinners who were overcome by lust. Sinner’s in the second circle are punished by being violently attacked by warring winds. Because the sinners caused problems to others, they have to live eternal life in a wind not gaining any peace. The knight could not control his sexual desires towards a young girl; therefore, he has to live in the second circle during his
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