What Are The Three M's Of Macbeth

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The famous Shakespeare play of Macbeth is set in the 1600’s. But some themes of the story can be seen and related to in today’s society. To touch upon this subject, we will talk about the three M’s: murder, marriage, and mentality. Macbeth is a bloody, horrific tale with its constant topic is murder. The bond between Macbeth and his wife is not too uncommon and can be seen today as well. The seeds of doubt and immorality can be planted is someone’s thoughts and eat away at their psyche. In this essay I will talk about how the story of Macbeth hasn’t aged that much.
Murder is the most evident them in this gruesome story. It is also one that we can see often in the world today. While it is not a pleasant topic it’s still an interesting one. It’s dark and bloody nature can be very alluring to read and learn about. However, Macbeth got a little too close to the idea of murder in our story. In this particular play, Macbeth has been provoked to become the next in line to be king. To do this, he must kill his way to the top. In today’s world, death is a thought that is always in the back of our heads and the thought of murder is not far behind.
Macbeth’s second hand in his crimes against the crown,
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From my own experiences, I have met many individuals that wish to major in some form of study of our brains. The human psyche can set a strong mindset or can be molded and manipulated in any direction. Our protagonist, Macbeth, has several difficult decisions to make throughout the play. Although, his choices might not have been all his own. In the beginning of the story, Macbeth meets with a group of witches that tell him that he will become king. This is a seed. This seed is planted into Macbeth’s mind and eventually sprouts into the cold blooded murder of a king. There might not be witches on the streets, but people can still plant a seed in the subconscious of others to bend them to their

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