What Are The Types Of Judgement In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Rumors. Actions. Looks. All of these are reasons why we judge one being, to think that only three factors decide how others view you. You don’t just see this type of judging in reality but in To Kill a MockingBird. For example when Tom is in court people assume that he is guilty because he is black, you also see judgment by rumor when Scout is told that Boo Radley eats animals at night. Readers see these types of judgement all throughout the novel, displayed in subplots. Often in society we judge before thinking about the topic however, Author Harper Lee uses subplots in her novel To Kill a Mockingbird to show how people empathize before judging others or creating opinions over topics so, society can learn how to empathize in their everyday lives before making their opinion on topics. In today’s world judgement is placed everywhere, including social media and even News stations. Our minds see someone and we automatically judge them, ether by their actions or appearance due to what the people within society tell us and what we see. We judge people by color of their skin and their physical appearance to the rumors we hear from our peers or see on social media, yet we do all this judging with hardly any thinking. In TKaM the people of Maycomb county would judge people by skin and a “white man 's word against a black man 's, the white man always wins.(TKaM 224)” They do this without thinking or creating their own opinion. Also in the novel Scout thinks that Boo Radley is died
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