Sparta Strengths And Weaknesses

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The education of Sparta varied in strengths and in weaknesses. The Sparta’s were first located in southern Greece called the Peloponnese. In this colony, the Sparta’s only vision was bloodthirsty war and violence. At the age of seven, a young boy is removed from his family and is expected, from his 8th to his 21st year, become educated to a brutal military-like discipline. Therefore, regarding the education in Sparta, the weaknesses outweighed the strength because the Spartan’s didn’t value family morals, the basics of reading and writing were taught, and the upbringing of Spartan boys was cruel and painful.
The only focus to the Spartan was war and violence instead of family morals. At the age of seven, a young boy is removed from his family
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They were taught to steal and were brainwashed to believe violence was the key to everything. The Sparta’s techniques in educating the youths was to make them feel and taste the pain. For a young or older adolescents this is torture to their bodies and soul. One method the Sparta’s used to toughen up the boys, was to make them wear one garment of clothes throughout the year in which they suspected would thus improve their face changed of heat and cold. Another example may be, “As to the food, he required..such a moderate amount of it that the boys...would know what it was to go with their hunger unsatisfied for he believed that those who underwent this training would be better able to continue working on an extremely empty stomach. (Document B) What this piece of evidence indicates is that, by starving the youth, it would better train them to be less hungry. Statistically, the body cannot “pretend” to be hungry. In order to have energy and to fulfill the task needed, a person needs to eat food to survive. The Spartan’s think that this “method” is useful and practical. The method is neither of those terms. When these adolescents starve themselves, they are deprived of nutrients to keep the body functioning, and protein to motivate the body to build tissues and protein is also an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. All in all, keeping food away from youths whose body needs food in order to

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