What Are The Wrong Choices In Romeo And Juliet

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Choices in life can make a big difference. The wrong choices can be deadly. In “The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare, fate is a disease and Friar Lawrence is a person whose only means is to do good. Fate is used as an object because it chooses what we do in life. In the tragedy Romeo is “ fortune's fool”(lll, i, 133). Fate is used as a tool because they believed fate caused everything. When things happened they believed it was always fate. Fate was more like an excuse to life. In the poem fate is Romeo’s “misfortuned book”(V, iii, 82). Fate is also used as misfortune because if everything happened because of faith, then all the horrible stuff has to do with fate too. They used fate because they didn’t know why certain
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