What Are Three Reasons Why Animal Farm Failed

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The story of Animal Farm Why are people are rude to others? All people are equal there shouldn't be other people making less to others. Everyone should respect how they are and not making them feel different than others around them. Everyone should feel free to be how they are and not feeling bad of who they are and stop having enemies. In this story of Animal Farm, it represents characters and situations that establish a certain time in the Russian Revolution. Also animal farm reflects the Russians and farmer Jones that it represents the Russians Czar. Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin, and Snowball is Leon Trotsky. Boxer serves as an allegory for the Russian who help out to establish the Soviet Union. Animal Farm failed because not all animals are equal. One reason why animal farm failed is that not all animals were equal because they had different abilities and were treated differently. Another reason is that not all animals weren't lazy thinkers they were forced to be in charge and they couldn't learn . A third reason is that Napoleon didn't think of others, he was e thinking of himself and the animals were doing all what napoleon told to do. All three reasons contributed to failure because it says how animal farm failed. It was not fair how the…show more content…
People think that a perfect society is perfect and there is no mistakes and they think it's a perfect world. Napoleon is an example of an leader for a non-perfect society for Animal Farm because he is always thinking about himself and not letting others say their own opinion on what they feel. Animal Farm there were always some imperfection because not all animals were okay what Napoleon always where telling the animals to do. For Napoleon everything was easy for him because he wanted to do everything in his own way and not let Snowball or other animal to
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