What Are Truman Capote's Miriam, And The Symbolism Of Children?

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“The Veldt,” “Miriam,” and the Symbolism of Children Children are the epitome of innocence, curiosity, and joy. They have courage and endless imagination, traits that seem to wear off with age. To parents, children are a symbol of pride and provide hope for the future. When children are portrayed in a different way, it is alarming and cause for a deeper look. By examining Ray Bradbury’s “The Veldt,” and Truman Capote’s “Miriam,” the reader is introduced to images of frightening children in circumstances gone wrong. These children symbolize rebellion, selfishness, and violence. How can a child, on the one hand, represent innocence and unconditional love, while on the other, shock us with their ability to hate and rebel? Discussed below are…show more content…
Often it takes failure, insight, and experience to learn life lessons which children simply do not possess for the mere fact of not having lived long enough. Wendy, Peter, and Miriam act like they have it all figured out and are willing to live with the consequences of their actions. In the matter of Peter and Wendy, they wanted the nursery so bad they were willing to sacrifice their parents to the lions to have their way. They do not have the understanding of what it takes to live in the real world, especially at ten years old and when your closest comfort is your house. They were used to manipulating their parents to get what they wanted instead of learning the skills to do things themselves. Miriam, likewise, used manipulation to get what she wanted from Mrs. Miller, but she did not understand the impact this would have on an old lady. Mrs. Miller was frightened by the visit with Miriam the night before, yet she went to the market the very next morning to fill her house with Miriam’s desired food. It is a characteristic of someone who is used to taking care of someone. Miriam took advantage of Mrs. Miller’s kindness and she was not afraid to ask for what she wanted. Most young children are timid and will not ask directly for what they want. A huge lack of insight for decision making can be a huge danger for a child, especially when they just killed off their…show more content…
Ten or eleven years old is a bit early for puberty, but that is the stage most associated with the beginning of children’s desire to venture away from their parents. It is the age that they prefer to be as far away as possible from their parent’s constant watch and to explore the world on their own terms. “The Veldt” gives a terrifying example of how this can go awry. Some kids reach that age and simply want to start picking out their own clothes as means of expression, others may want a boyfriend and a piercing. Regardless, a “tween’s” desire to separate their identity from their parent’s identity is natural, not Peter and Wendy’s approach of feeding theirs to the lions. All three children are abnormal in their propensity for violence, disrespect for authority, and willingness to use manipulation to get what they

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