What Came First Great Gatsby Analysis

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What Came First, Reading or Writing?
Thinking back upon my education in my early childhood years, school has always been the foundation to the learning process of my reading and writing experience. From learning the letters of the alphabet to actually being able to form sentences and placing my thoughts into words, I have learned the correct usage of reading and writing. But I didn’t understand the different concept of what it means to read and write until my senior year of high school.
My AP English teacher taught me what it means to read and analyze work to not just overlook what the author has written. One context of the passage embodies an entire different meaning than what the speaker states. Of course writing does play a role
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Reading this book showed me more ways on how the author manage to have symbolize through colors and a significance behind sentences I would have easily overlooked.
The last quote in "The Great Gatsby" states "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past".
In a literal sense, I would have assumed the speaker was talking about an actual boat, tied up to the dock that Gatsby possibly left behind. Yet analyzing this quote further, breaks down into how Gatsby tried to reach his goal in achieving Daisy no matter the obstacles that were faced. Gatsby had an intense desire to bring back Daisy the way he once had her. A current is forced to go in one direction, while the boat keeps pushing against its strides.
After reading this book in my AP English class during senior year, I felt as if my mind unlocked a third eye. I no longer viewed reading and writing the same and it is unfortunate I had to wait till this teacher came along to enhance my skills and my perception. Assignments in school became easier to complete because I was able to break down the questions and identify literary devices in writing. Throughout high school I am confident that I grew within my
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