What Cause Change In Pleasantville

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1. How do people react when they sense change? The citizens of Pleasantville either embraced or denied change. Those who reacted positively to the changes occurring in Pleasantville grew happier and experienced a physical change in the form of gaining color. The individuals who openly denied the changes occurring in Pleasantville remained stagnant. These individuals, the mayor for example, grew unhappy and prevented the Pleasantville community from flourishing. 2. What is the role of art in change? Art, in many cases, acts as a catalyst for change. In the past, many individuals have utilized art to convey inspirational messages to the public imploring them to enact and embrace change. In the film Pleasantville, Bud presents Bill Johnson with a book containing numerous beautiful paintings. This event completely changes Bill’s world view, converting his previous repetitive and colorless life into one devoted to creating wonderful pieces of art. This demonstrates how embracing change can positively influence one’s life, and how art acted as a catalyst for change in Bill Johnson’s life. 3. What causes change within Pleasantville to occur? The arrival of David and Jenny to Pleasantville, as well as their actions caused change within Pleasantville to occur. The first change occurred after Jenny, while…show more content…
One experiences change all throughout their life, and to actively avoid change results only in stagnation. All good leaders possess the ability to adapt to change, and use change to improve not only themselves but those around them as well. Another lesson learned from the changes observed in Pleasantville is a good leader must encourage and push their followers to better themselves. Tobey McGuire demonstrated this ability by encouraging his followers to accept the changes happening to them, and helping them realize the improvements they needed to make to
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