What Cause The Outbreak Of The Civil War Essay

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The United States Civil War lasted from 1861 to 1865, and left behind 618,000 casualties by the time General Robert E. Lee surrender to the Union Army. Part 1: What cause the outbreak of the Civil War? There are many reasons why the “war of the States” took place. First, the social and Economic differences between the northern and southern states. With the fast growing of the cotton industry, plantation owners are expanding their profits, and increasing the use of cheap labors (slave labors). This a result further separate the North and South states. While the northern states economic depended on the industrial revolution such as factory and textile mills, the southern states were mainly agricultural dependency. Second reason the war broke out is because of the debates over slave and non-slave states…show more content…
The North had a population over 22 million people compares to the South who had 9 million, which means more expandable soldiers for the war. Not only that but, slaves from the Southern States would run away and join the Union Army to help them fight, fight enemies in two front will ultimately lead to drain resources and derail troop’s morale. Second, The Northern states were industrially, agricultural better than the South, and also because they could produce other goods they did not depends on trade to make profits. The North at that time produce most of the firearm in the country. Because of their naval force the North had put blockades to stop the South from trading with European Nations. Third, although, the Southern States had the advantages because they were fighting in their own backyard, they still lost because they had to defend invasion from the North, it was easier to attack than to defend back when the Civil War took place. Lastly, General Robert E. Lee Surrenders to General Ulysses S. Grant in April 9, 1865 in Northern Virginia bringing the war to an

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