What Caused Gatsby's Downfall

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They say that money is the root of all evil.Gatsby's downfall definitely had to do with his finances. All of Gatsby's wealth was followed by problems that the average person would never have.Gatsby is most accountable for his own actions but there were three other people I believe play a part in his downfall. Dan Cody,Daisy,and Gatsby's parents also influenced his life negatively and caused problems in his life. I believe that Gatsby can be responsible for his own actions and he is to blame for his downfall.Everything Gatsby did in life was to please a girl that was clearly a gold digger and he was well aware of that from the beginning of the story.”Her voice is full of money”(Fitzgerald 120)Gatsby said about Daisy.Which proves that Gatsby…show more content…
Dan showed Gatsby that there was more to live then to be poor. Gatsby's parents lived economically unstable their whole life and because of that Gatsby strived for the rich,bigger and better.”His parents were shiftless unsuccessful farm people”(Fitzgerald 103)Gatsby living through the life of not having money could have motivated him to make it rich which caused most of his problems leading to downfall.Throughout the story Gatsby is trying to prove his wealth to Daisy by extravagant parties. I think that he feels the need to prove himself because growing up as a kid he didn't have a lot and his family moved from house to house constantly.His Monet Payne Gatsby persuasive essay parents can be at Blame for his downfall as well,growing up with little to no money can cause a setback mentally. So is Gatsby entirely at fault for his downfall in the story?I don't believe so there are other people in his life influencing his choices just as in any other person's life.However Gatsby is a fault I believe for being as gullible as he is. Monet Payne Gatsby persuasive essay Works cited F.Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby Scribner,New
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