What Caused The American Revolution Dbq

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In 1760, when George III became the King of England, his one mission was to get rid of the war debt with the help of the colonists. (137) This angered the colonists because they felt as if their rights have been taken away from them. This caused the colonial men and women to come together and fight for their rights. They formed the Sons and Daughters of Liberty groups, in order to get their rights back. They had to battle many obstacles in order to reach their accomplishments of eliminating the collection of the stamp tax and enforcing the Nonimportation Agreements. In 1764, George Grenville, the King of England, came up with a solution to raise more money. This solution was known as the Sugar Act. However it was not enough. This caused him…show more content…
This had a big effect on Britain’s tea company which lead to the Tea Act of 1773. Parliament realized what had happened so they decided to help the Americans obey the law, instead of fighting it, by lowering the tax amount which caused their tea price to be cheaper than that of the Dutch. (147) But many Americans saw this as a trick, “The real goal,…was the increased revenue that would pay the salaries of royal governors and judges…reassertion of Britain’s right to tax the colonists.”(147) The Sons of Liberty tried to make the tea agents resign, causing tension throughout the area. However, Hutchinson did not give up. He refused to allow ships to leave the port without paying the tea duty. A new law was formed, “…twenty-day limit for the payment of duties after which time cargo would be confiscated.”(147-8). On the twentieth day, December 16, a crowd gathered to talk about what will happen, but nothing came of it until “…100 to 150 men disguised as Mohawk Indians… boarded the ships and dumped over 90,000 pounds of tea…”(148) an event that is now known as the Boston Tea Party. This caused Lord North and Parliament to issue the Coercive Acts, also known as the Intolerable Acts. They were a series of laws and regulations for the colonies which angered the colonists. This issue lead to the First Continental Congress, which had notables figures from different colonies to discuss the crisis. “Many colonists from New Hampshire to Georgia realize that the problems of British rule went far beyond questions of nonconsensual taxations. The Coercive Acts infringed on liberty and denied

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