American Revolution Causes

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The American Revolution evolved from rising tensions between the British government and the 13 colonies who wished for independence. The people of America essentially wanted to be separated from Britain and desired self-government. An abundance of factors caused Americans to distrust Britain and there is not just one reason but many. The experiences of the Americans at the time, are what caused them to long for separation. Many people wonder, what were the most important causes of the American Revolution? Fundamentally, The American Revolution was caused by taxation without representation, the Boston Massacre and Samuel Adam The events related to the Boston Massacre were significant happenings that resulted in the American Revolution. At the…show more content…
Adams gave speeches to Americans influencing them to separate from Britain. He spoke of the wrongdoings of Britain one being the trial of Captain Preston. They felt they were wrong “for protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any murders which they should commit”. Samuel Adams’ speeches allowed the Americans to become certain on their feelings towards Britain. Not only did the trial of Captain Preston affect the relationship between the Americans and British, but also the Coercive Acts. After the Boston Tea Party, Britain passed these laws to punish Boston and reinforce British control. The laws affected the lives of the Americans and through the Boston Harbour Act, they were unable to utilize the harbour. Due to Britain taking away the people of Boston’s ability to export and import goods, Samuel Adams’ words were valued and Americans wanted Britain to be held accountable for “cutting off our trade with all parts of the world”. Adams was the founder of the Sons of Liberty, a group of merchants, politicians and lawyers, involved in the protest of the Stamp Act. The refusal of the Stamp Act inspired Americans to confront the actions of Britain. Essentially, the Sons of Liberty encouraged the people of America to question the laws being enforced, creating tension between the two involved parties. To conclude, Samuel Adams is among the many factors that allowed the…show more content…
The Americans faced taxes such as the Sugar Act, Stamp Act and Townshend Act due to Britain having to make up for the money they had lost to war. The people of America essentially felt that Britain was being unreasonable “for imposing taxes on us without our consent”. The taxes were passed by Parliament in which there were no American representation. This lead to Americans protesting the taxes that lacked representation and the Virginia House of Burgess stating that "the taxation of the people by themselves, or by persons chosen by themselves to represent them... is the only security against a burdensome taxation, and [is] the distinguishing characteristic of British freedom". The Stamp Act caused Americans to protest and refuse to buy or import British goods. The tax lead to tax buildings being burnt down and the boycott of British materials. Overall, the taxes put upon the Americans caused them to distrust the
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